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The Development Company

HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development was established in 1993 for the research, development and worldwide marketing of pharmaceutical and consumer products based on the proprietory procedure, deuterium depletion, primarily for the prevention and treatment of various kinds of cancer.

Dr. Gábor Somlyai, biologist, was the first to study the physiological role of naturally occurring deuterium (D, heavy hydrogen) in the early 90’s at the National Institute of Oncology. His first results on the anti-tumor effect of deuterium depletion were published in 1993 (FEBS Lett. 317, 1-4.). HYD LLC presented its research results at numerous conferences and in various journals over the years; and these results have been verified and broadened in the last decade by scientists of other countries.

HYD LLC came out with its first deuterium-depleted food product in 1995. In 1999, the veterinary anti-tumor preparation Vetera-DDW-25, the world’s first medicine with deuterium-depleted water as active agent, was registered.

The patented deuterium depletion procedure of HYD LLC has been significantly more known and appreciated internationally in the latest years. Research on the physiological role of deuterium has commenced in several foreign countries, with involvement of top-level universities, research institutes and oncology centers.

In 2002, HYD LLC was rewarded as the 9th fastest developing company of the Central and East European Region in the competition announced by Deloitte & Touche international auditor company. In the region comprising Europe, Middle East and Africa, HYD had the 40th place.

The patents of HYD won prices at the patent exhibition Genius ’96, and at Genius First Inventors’ Olympic Games in 1998.

Primus Capital Zrt., a venture capital company, joined the research with 400 million HUF in 2012. In that year, HYD Pharma Zrt. was established. HYD Pharma Zrt., with its affiliated company HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, realized in 2014 a unique development of pharmaceutical industry with investment of Primus Capital and support from the European Union. Thanks to that, industrial scale manufacturing of deuterium-depleted water (DDW) in pharmaceutical quality, conform to GMP (good manufacturing practice) regulations, could be started in Hungary world-first. DDW as active agent has been also registered in the system of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


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