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About Vetera-DDW-25

The veterinary anti-tumor preparation Vetera-DDW-25 is the world’s first medicine with deuterium-depleted water as active agent, and is applied as adjuvant treatment in small animals. Vetera-DDW-25 was registered as a prescription anti-tumor medicine A.U.V. by the Department of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (Reg. No.: 13/99 FVM). Registration was renewed in 2010 by the Central Agricultural Office Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products (Reg. No. 084/1/2011 MgSzH ÁTI), since then the product is available over the counter. The new, 1-liter packing size of Vetera-DDW-25 was registered by National Food Chain Safety Office Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products, in 2023 (Reg. No. 084/2/NM/2023 NÉBIH ÁTI).

This preparation with deuterium-depleted water as active component is a breakthrough in veterinary medicine because its efficiency equals with that of conventional therapies while its application is free of side effects.

Experiences from the last decades of applying Vetera-DDW-25 showed beyond doubt that the procedure based on deuterium depletion is more efficient and milder than any other oncotherapy up to now.

VETERA-DDW-25 can also have a major role in tumor prevention and in prevention of recurrences of malignant diseases. Long-term animal experiments and practical application have both shown that yearly cures of 1.5-2 months with the product can minimize the likelihood of cancer development, and substantially reduce the chance of relapse in those small animals made already tumor-free. In case of breeds with inherited tendency to tumors (e.g. mammary cancer) preventive application in the offspring is advisable.


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